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Super Fat Apes

The Gateway to WEB3 Entrepreneurship

  • No matter who you are or your current position, we can make you a web3 entrepreneur.

  • We are setting the backbones to take you from nothing to web3 entrepreneur.

  • It's not an NFT!  It's an NFT entrepreneur lifestyle


ONE GOAL : Drive back value to holders ! 

We focus exclusively on one unique goal, driving back value to our holders.

How are we doing it? 


1) We ask ourselves, what are our community's top 5 complains?

2) That's our Road Map 

3) We try to solve those problems creatively

4) We build in public  

Capture d’écran 2023-02-11 à 17.22.06.png


We don't build FOR SFA community, we build WITH SFA community 

Capture d’écran 2023-02-11 à 17.25.10.png
Road Map


Onboarding the largest quantity of high-quality users, not just the most users


Join our discord and LIVE a unique experience with SFA holders

It's the best place for networking and making connections!  

  • What is Super Fat Apes project about?
    We want to be the gateway to web3 entrepreneurship! We are gathering the most ambitious NFT builders in the space, focusing on helping them become the best web3 entrepreneurs.
  • Does that mean that you are focused on already experienced NFT entrepreneurs?
    Not at all! Our challenge is to take someone who knows nothing about web3 or blockchain, teach him everything, and give him the experience to become the best web3 entrepreneur!
  • If you could sum up the project in one goal, what would it be?
    We got one goal in mind, driving back the value to SFA holders. The team and I are focusing on driving back value to holders. We dedicate our effort to making SFA holders benefit from holding the NFT.
  • I heard you want to build in public; how do you plan to do it?
    We are in an attention economy. It's vital to hype up the minimum viable product by : Creating a viral release for the MVP Everyone is hyper-critical because of the hype Iterate based on feedback Blow everyone's minds Repeat Credit to Frank DeGods for sharing his wisdom
  • How can I buy my Super Fat Ape ?
    Directly on OpenSea
  • What is the Genesis collection ?
    This is the collection of super-rare 200 Genesis Apes currently on OpenSea. What makes the Genesis Apes super-rare? - Always Prioritized in team decisions - Very low supply - Exclusive benefits Be part of the Genesis Fat Apes


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